Vileda SpillEx Cloth 20pk



  1. Super absorbing disposable floor cloth
  2. For fast removal of a wide range of water based spillages from hard floors
  3. Bonds the liquid and contaminants safely in the cloth, no dripping
  4. No risk of soiling the Bucket water with the spillage, no risk of cross contamination

Spillages on hard floors can cause considerable problems. Blood, urine or bodily fluids in operating theatres and elderly people´s homes might contaminate the environment and lead to infections. A soft drink spilled onto the fast-food restaurant floor or a smashed bottle on the supermarket floor might cause an accident by slipping on the wet surface and the site could also be faced with associated legal costs.

Not to worry, there is a solution to spillage problems – SpillEx from Vileda Professional.

Why traditional floor cleaning doesn´t work:

When laundering microfiber mops, which have been used to remove blood spills, you put the contaminated mop in contact with up to 50 other mops. Not an ideal situation, even if you do a disinfection laundering process. Also – using a bucket and wringer is an inappropriate method. When dipping the used mop into the bucket, it will contaminate the clean water after the first rinse.

SpillEx takes care of the problem SpillEx is a disposable super-absorbing floor cloth that takes care of liquid spillages in minutes. One SpillEx absorbs and holds up to 1.200 ml of water and up to 500 ml of NaCl 0.9% (similar to urine) and it will not drip when lifting and moving, as SpillEx transforms the liquid spill into a gel. SpillEx is the ideal problem solver where you need to absorb spillages, before the actual floor cleaning takes places. No risk of cross-contamination and no risk of soiling the bucket water with the spillage.

Simple as 1-2-3

1.Place SpillEx on the spillage, with the absorbent unprinted side down.

Weight per cloth 45 g

Size 51 x 37 cm / 21 x 14.5 in

Typical spill uptake in application with tap water 1.2 l 

Typical spill uptake in application with NaCl 0.9% (urine) 0.5 l

2. Wait until the spillage is completely soaked up by SpillEx. If the spillage area is bigger than the SpillEx – simply move and cover the remaining spillage area.

3. Pick up the used SpillEx and dispose of it


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