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V-Wipes™ unique formula and high quality apertured fabric are proven to kill a variety of bacteria and viruses. V-Wipes™ are effective against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Virus in just 60 seconds.

Clean and disinfect surfaces with V-Wipes™ Instrument Grade Disinfectant – low level. V-Wipes™ unique pH neutral formula and high quality apertured fabric allow for fast, effective cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces within the healthcare environment. V-Wipes™ are intended for use on environmental surfaces and for non-critical medical devices such as hospital beds and theatre trolleys.

V-Wipes™ Benefits:

  • Class IIb Instrument Grade Disinfectant – Low Level Wipes.
  • pH neutral – safe for use on most surfaces & equipment.
  • Highly absorbent apertured fabric.
  • Leaves surfaces streak free.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Non hazardous.
  • Does not contain phenolics or chlorine.
  • Non flammable.
  • Friendly to use on metals (non corrosive).

ARTG 354053

V-Wipes™ are 100% free from Poly Hexa Methylene Biguanide, otherwise known as PHMB.

About PHMB

PHMB is a biocide used in some hospital grade disinfectants and disinfectant wipes. It now has a mandatory H351 Risk Phrase of “Suspected of Causing Cancer”. This alert has qualifications with respect to concentration.


100 wipes per tub 180 x 250mm

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