Diversey Oxivir Five 16 Smartdose 1.4L




 • Powerful One Step Hospital grade Disinfectant Cleaner that is Virucidal, Bactericidal, Fungicidal and Mildewcidal
• Oxivir® Five 16 is effective against a wide spectrum of pathogens including VRE, MRSA, Klebsiella, Acinetobacter, Pseudomonas, E.coli, Norovirus, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Influenza A, RSV, Canine parvovirus
• Delivers fast and effective cleaning and disinfection • Low in odour and non-irritant – safe for staff and patients
• Non -corrosive – safe on most surfaces
• No rinsing required
• Active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, breaks down into oxygen and water

Formulated with Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide AHP® technology Oxivir® Five 16 delivers fast, effective cleaning and disinfecting performance in one step, rinse-free

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