OFF! Tropical Strength Insect Aerosol Spray 150g



Repel mosquitoes, flies, ticks & more for up to 6 hours with Off! Tropical Strength Insect Repellent Spray.

Off! Tropical Strength Insect Repellent Aerosol Spray 150mL is a non-greasy & lightly fragranced that offers lasting protection.

Get up to 6 hours long lasting protection against flying pests & bugs including mosquitoes, flies, sand flies, ticks & other biting insects. 

For a non-aerosol version, try Off! Pump bug spray which is dermatologically tested.

Our goal is to help protect your time outside. Whether you're working up a sweat or just soaking in the sun, Off! can help you enjoy the outdoors instead of worrying about mosquitoes & bugs.

Make the most of your time outside with Off! Make the most of your time outside with Off!

Suitable For: Backyard, Beach, Gardening, Playground, Relaxing

Product Claims: Repels up to 6 hours

Size: 150g

Fragrance: Softly Scented


• Tropical Strength Repellent Spray
• Insect Protection for up to 6 Hours
• Non-Greasy Formula
• Lightly Fragranced


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